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Please note that we recieve a very high number of requests and that our workshop and training calendar has reached its maximum capacity until August 2021.

We will be happy to take new requests for workshops and training as of September 2022.

Here are examples of themes that we can tackle :

The circle and the box

The workshop “The circle and the box” is an awareness and healing tool created in 1990 by Jann Derrick. Using an experiential approach, the facilitators invite participants on a journey of awareness of the impacts of colonization, including the historical trauma that always has intergenerational effects on Indigenous families and communities in Canada.

This powerful exercise, which has become an international tool in the fields of healing, social work, psychology, community development, education, governance and the law, is taught and used in the oral tradition. It will allow participants to better understand the contemporary realities experienced by Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

Cet exercice puissant, devenu un outil international dans les domaines de la guérison, du travail social, de la psychologie, du développement communautaire, de l’éducation, de la gouvernance et du droit, est enseigné et utilisé dans la tradition orale. Il permettra aux participant.e.s de mieux comprendre les réalités contemporaines vécues par les peuples autochtones au Canada.


Indigenize your practice by exploring the pedagogy of discomfort

How can we rethink out practives and get out of the role of mere spectator of injustice without repeating colonial behavior, even involuntarily? The workshop propose to recognize concretely the role that discomfort plays in the learning of sensitive subjects such as the feeling of guilt, the impression of ignorance or incompetence, shame linked to identity, or the different forms of ethnocentrism. Because it generally generates reactions linked to the awareness of itw own colonial reflexes, and because the discomfort then felt is often the consequence of observations that are difficult to accept, or a difficult role to assume, the pedagogy of discomfort constitutes a powerful tool capable of producing new forms of understanding of cultural differences.

This workshop was developped in collaboration with Collège Ahuntsic.


Introduction to unconscious bias, privileges and discomforts in relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous

This workshop aimes to introducs post-secondary staff members and students to the prejudices and impacts that thse can have on relations with Indigenous people. The participants will explore ways to become aware of them and to overcome them.

This workshop was developped in collaboration with the Québec Interuniversity Equity – Diversity – Inclusion Network.

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