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Our Educational Activities

Educational Approach

Non-indigenous awareness of the realities and histories of Indigenous peoples appears to be the key element to building a better understanding and dialogue. This is a necessary step to humanize Indigenous people and eventually deconstruct the racism and colonialism perpetrated and perpetuated by non-Indigenous people.

Vision: Disturb the roots of colonialism, as well as internalized and interpersonal racism. This deconstruction has impacts at the institutional and ideological levels and initiates a deconstruction/decolonization process.

Humanization: A deeply humanizing culture encompasses all of Mikana’s operations and activities. Our workshops are born out of this humanization culture that puts security at the core of our interventions.

Our Educational Activities

Mikana offers conferences, workshops, and training; each with its objective, pedagogical methodology, and duration. The workshops we offer are divided into different levels of learning to allow our participants to follow a progression.

We always include question periods during the activity. Mikana wishes to create safe spaces for meeting and sharing. Dialogue, respect, and well-being are fundamental to the success of Mikana’s activities.

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