Ongoing projects

Ongoing projects

Research: The Renegotiation of Indigenous – Non-Indigenous relations in Montreal

This research project will effectuate a programmed analysis of Indigenous-non-Indigenous relations in Montreal. It’s goal is to deliver concrete assessments for the Indigenous community, frameworks and methodologies for future research projects, as well as recommendations for public policy – e.g. by identifying places and spaces of conflict – actual or potential, as well as successes, initiatives and solutions that exist or need to be put in place. This project integrates a variety of perspectives in order to articulate how to foster both Indigenous resurgence, as well as the (re)negotiation of Indigenous-non-Indigenous relations. This collaborative research project will be carried out by a team from the Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre, of the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS), and Mikana.


The objectives :

  • To document the social and spatial representation of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Montreal;
  • To characterize their representation;
  • To identify meeting places between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people;
  • To contextualize these places in terms of their current and potential situations for discord or alliances;
  • To submit analytical recommendations focused on public action;
  • To develop a critical methodology indicative of the nature of reconciliation in Montreal;
  • To work on the current portrayal of Montrealers.


A two-part research project:


  1. Analyze the depiction of non-Indigenous Montrealers and offer awareness-raising workshops organized by Mikana ;
  2. Open a discussion with Indigenous people about their experiences and analyzes of spaces and relations with non-Indigenous populations in Montreal.

The Indigenization of Ahuntsic College

Since 2018, Mikana has been working in collaboration with Ahuntsic College in their process of indigenization.  The long-term goal of the project is to raise awareness among all staff members and the student body on the realities of Indigenous Peoples : to acknowledge their value at the college and in the territory where we are located; to empower Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth; to forge bonds with communities on various current issues; and to reflect on the ways in which admissions policies can eventually be adapted for Indigenous students.


What is indigenization?

Indigenization is centered on a willingness to develop, at the heart of an institution, attitudes and practices aimed at the concrete recognition of Indigenous cultures’ contribution to various spheres. Any desire to indigenize must necessarily be met with an analysis of one’s own colonial reflexes in order to understand how to correct them. As an example, the college has committed to the practice of official recognition of the Indigenous territories on which it is built. Ultimately, it could also adapt its admission criteria for certain programs and work to put in place appropriate support measures for Indigenous students.